Monday, 11 June 2012

Futuristic Fridge Designs

Self Cleaning Futuristic Fridge:

This fridge technology sounds good..isn't it? Cleaning of fridge is always consider as a tedious task especially in big families, families with young children as lots of leftover can be stored in fridge and with the bachelors. How about a fridge which can clean itself automatically and adjust temperature, and re arrange the food containers according to their date of storage.  Yes this fridge is going to be real in approx 2040 years as this project is sponsored by IKEA and it is currently in concept phase and university of central Lancashire and supermarket Ocado are working together to create  this kitchen marvel.

This fridge can place supermarket home delivery orders  and will give you recipes to cook the food with leftover  when connected with internet WiFi . This fridge is having a capacity to clean itself, arrange and scan its food shelves, with its full wireless capability it can show you cookery show and recipes for leftover food.       for more info you can visit ..

Some more interesting concept design on the futuristic fridge:

Futuristic Bio-polymer Gel Fridge from Electrolux

 This futuristic design is based on the cooling by bio-polymer gel which will be cooled by bio robots through luminescence. There will be no shelves as the non sticky odorless gel morph around the fruits or other foods and keep separated from each other. I am still trying to get more information on this concept i also have many queries on this project. I will update you soon as soon as i get more information on its concept and technology till then enjoy the pics of this very beautiful fridge.

                                                                               Pi c Courtesy:

and here is one of the most promising concept design for 2060 by  Designer Marcela Guarnizo for ELECTROLUX.

  source: coroflot