Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pain Ray or Active Denial System

Recently Air Force's futuristic design "Pain Ray" (also known as Active Denial System) has unvielived which is able to generate the powerful radiation beams which causes burning sensation in the body of victim and people run to hide from the radiations. In first instance it looks a good invention but again it start controversy that usage of Tear Gas can be accpetable to control the crowd but this invention is not seem too safe like if some persons are allergic to these kind of radiation then his/her skin could get severe reaction to these beams. and as the souces told that these beams are enough strong to penetrate through the clothes then what would happen to skin?

After considering these thoughts the Air force is currently thinking to use and test this device on the Air planes to scatter the birds who come in the path of plane to avoid any accident. personally i feel that it still need lots of testing before implement into direct usage on human. Also this device could be use as a weapon in wars but i would prefer the idea of usage on the airplans to save hundreds of lifes instead of using in wars. Well lets time and Airforce decide its usage.


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